Paw Patrol Family Halloween Costume


Since my Ghostbusters Costumes / DIY Proton Pack has been receiving the most amount of blog traffic, I thought I’d throwback to 2014 and share details on how I made our Paw Patrol Halloween costumes as well…

With Jacob’s obsession for the color red, it was no surprise he wanted to be Marshall the fire pup! I purchased a toy fireman hat and red t-shirt from Amazon. After cutting off the sleeves to the t-shirt, I sewed on arms and made pants by using white fleece fabric and attaching black felt spots with Stitch Witchery (a no-sew/iron-on fusible tape – LOVE this stuff!). I hot glued ears to the helmet, added a collar with yellow strapping, and finished it with the final touch of his pup badge (from the Action Pack Pup & Badge toy) and Paw Patrol hat sticker (printed on sticker paper).

Marshall Paw Patrol Halloween Costume 2 - projectsinparentingMarshall Paw Patrol Halloween Costume - projectsinparenting

Evan wanted to be “Rubble on the double!”, so I purchased a toy construction hat and yellow t-shirt. I cut off the t-shirt sleeves to sew on arms, and made pants by using  fleece fabric. I created his ears with the same fabric, and gave them dimension by using Poly-fill and pipe cleaners. After attaching the ears with a glue gun, I added the Paw Patrol hat sticker (printed on sticker paper). Using black strapping, I added the collar and attached Rubble’s pup badge (from the Action Pack Pup & Badge toy) to the shirt.

Rubble Paw Patrol Halloween Costume 2- projectsinparentingRubble Paw Patrol Halloween Costume - projectsinparenting

It was only appropriate for Avery to be Skye (this was before Everest was introduced), so I purchased pink aviator goggles, sewed ears using fleece fabric stuffed with Poly-fill, then attached the ears by sewing them around the goggle straps (leaving flexibility for all sizes to wear – even adults!). I already had a pink aviator-style hat from GAP that worked perfectly (it is now sold out, but Amazon has a similar one), and I kept it simple with a pink long-sleeve onesie and black pants. And of course, can’t forget the pup badge!

Skye Paw Patrol Halloween Costume 2 - projectsinparentingSkye Paw Patrol Halloween Costume - projectsinparenting

As male leader of the pack, Cory dressed up as Ryder, wearing a red puffer vest that I found on Amazon (the exact one I used has since been discontinued but they offer other options as well, like this one). They also offer kid puffer vests, (option #2) as well as fleece vests for a lower cost option. I used white, yellow and blue duct tape to create the illusion of Ryder’s vest and added a badge (printed on sticker paper) for more authenticity.

Ryder Paw Patrol Halloween Costume projectsinparentingRyder Costume projectsinparenting

Don’t lose it, re-use it! I decided to be Rocky, so got myself a green shirt and trucker cap. Creating simple ears using felt, I attached them to the cap with hot glue, then added the Paw Patrol hat sticker, and attached Rocky’s pup badge to my shirt.

Rocky Paw Patrol Halloween Costume projectsinparentingRocky Skye Paw Patrol Halloween Costume - projectsinparenting

It’s Paw Patrol, we’re on a roll!!…

Marshall Rubble Skye Paw Patrol Halloween Costume - projectsinparenting

Over a year later, the boys still cram their heads through these 2T neck holes, just so they can team up and pretend to save Adventure Bay!… Pretend play at it’s best.

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10 thoughts on “Paw Patrol Family Halloween Costume

  1. THIS IS AMAZING!!!! We have two boys who want to be Marshall and Ruble. Our new baby is due on October 30th so we will not know until the last minute if we have Skye or Rocky. Thanks for the easy ideas for all three kids. Did you have a pattern for the fleece pants?


    • I’m glad to hear you like the costumes and congratulations on your soon-to-be family addition! I did not use a pattern – I traced a pair of pants they had and made them a little longer so they can wear them a while. Good luck with your costumes!


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  4. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for posting these ideas! When I ask my three year old what he wants Santa to bring him, his response EVERY TIME is a Rubble Hat! Guess what?! They don’t sell those!
    After a simple Google search, your page popped up!
    I am awaiting the construction hat from Amazon to arrive and I have the pup badge printed out!
    All will go well, as long as the hat ships in time (fingers crossed)!
    You have made a little boys’ Christmas wish possible!! Thank you 🙂


    • I started my little blog in hopes that maybe someone might find my ideas helpful… “Making a little boys’ Christmas wish possible” is far beyond anything I thought was possible. Thank you for sharing your story. YOU just made MY Christmas! 🙂 Hope you have an amazing holiday and happy new year!!


  5. This is fantastic! My son decided today(!) he wanted to be Ryder for Halloween. The pants and shirt were easy enough to find second hand but I was having a tiny breakdown over the issue of the VEST. I am not at all a handy seamstress which is why I do not own a sewing machine … but DUCT TAPE! I can definitely handle that! Thank you so much for the idea!


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