About Me


Hello, I’m Julie – Wife and mother of three, to twin 7-year old boys and a 5-year old girl. Even though some days can be unbelievably chaotic, I like to make time for creative little things I call “projects”. I spawned Projects In Parenting mainly as an outlet to share some of my fun ideas for kid’s crafts and activities. I often take time to create unique, printable worksheets and original designs. Instead of only me using them with my kids, I thought I’d share them online in case other parents would like to use them as well. I’m also big on DIY projects – whether it’s homemade Halloween costumes, seasonal crafts, gifts, or general art projects. I figured I could also post about some of those successes, along with any tips & tricks that might help others in creating a similar project.

The motivation and heart behind my parenting projects: This adorable three-headed monster…

Jacob, Evan, and Avery.

To read more about my family, click here… I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe even find some inspiration for a parenting project of your own!

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Disclaimer: While the majority of images on my website were created by me, I have used a small handful of clipart files acquired from various sources. These sources outwardly claimed to be “public domain” or “for use on your website”. No copyrighted images are included with my knowledge. If any copyrighted material is found within this site, please contact me immediately so that the file(s) can be removed, or appropriate credit given (whichever is preferred).

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